SHOTGUNNER-4The NRA certified Basic tactical shotgun course covers these basic shotgun topics. This is not your average NRA typical basic course. This course covers both NRA and Rhino Tactical combat shotgun criteria.

  • 4 Golden safety rules
  • The five fundamentals of shotgun shooting
    *Stance, *Gun ready position, *Swing to target, *Trigger pull, and *Follow through.
  • Choosing a shotgun
  • Types of shotguns
  • Shotgun parts-barrels, chokes etc..
  • Types of shotgun ammo and uses
  • Exercises pointing with shotgun
  • Dry firing with shotgun
  • Shooting live ammo with…
    *Single Trap bird course
    *Target advancing and retreating courses
    *Steel falling plates

After completing this course, the student will be very confident in being able to hit targets using all the shotgun fundamentals learned here, as well as knowing what to look for in choosing a shotgun in the future to his or her liking.

Students need to bring Eye and ear protection and shotgun of their choice.  Tactical Mossberg defensive .410 and 12 gauge shotguns are available for rental. Students must also bring 100 rounds of shotgun ammo for their caliber.(preferably 12 gauge)

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m1user1The Tactical and Practical Shotgun course provides instruction on understanding the extraordinary potential of a shotgun.This course exposes the capabilities and liabilities for using a shotgun effectively for multiple situations. Topics covered include:

  • Gun Safety
  • Stopping power of the defense shotgun intro
  • Patterning and Familiarity with your shotgun
  • Mindset and Awareness- preparedness
  • Shotgun Carry positions- Port Arms, Low ready, High ready, Taylor underarm assault position. Stalking/Hunting position, CQB Low ready-Anti takeaway position.
  • Stances
  • Shooting positions
  • Defensive positions
  • Shooting and moving
  • Reloading types
  • Tactical speed shooting
  • Negotiating barricades and objects
  • Range drills
  • Reloading the shotgun- Phases
  • Advancing and Retreating with the shotgun- a review

After completing this course, students will see how the shotgun can be an incredibly efficient and accurate weapon in close and medium range defensive combat as well as a great tool for sporting use. Students are required to bring 100 rounds of shotgun ammo and shotgun of their choice(preferably 12 gauge). Eye and ear protection is mandatory. Students are also required to wear long pants and bring knee pads for exercises conducted in this course.

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RHINO-OPS-BREACH-cqb-1In this dynamic Rhino Tactical course, we will guide the student through multiple scenarios with stagnant, non stagnant, and steel targets. This course is designed to exercise the student through the levels of stress when using the shotgun as a defensive platform. Couses of fire will include:

  • Steel courses
  • Running and gunning courses
  • Close combat course
  • Barricades
  • Port shooting
  • Doorway entires
  • Room clearing exercises
  • Varied levels of aggressive and defensive courses of fire.

After completing this course, the student will be able to practice the fundamentals of consistent, accurate  and safe shotgun shooting in any condition through the continued use of drills exercised here. Students are required to bring eye and ear protection and long pants as well as Knee and elbow pads. Students must also bring 100 rounds of shotgun ammo and their own shotgun.(preferrably 12 gauge).