BEGINNING-RIFLE-3This course is great for beginning rifle shooters of all ages(18 and over, unless accompanied by parent) It explains the basic fundamentals to shooting a rifle acurately and safely. The NRA certified Basic Rifle marksmanship course covers these basic rifle topics. Then we take you through some tactical out of RHINO criteria drills and exercises. This is not your standard NRA class. Some of the things we cover in class are:

  • The Five rifle shooting fundamentals
  • Breathe control
  • The 4 Basic shooting positions and how to get the most accuracy and attaining consistency with each:
    * Prone
  • Dry fire drills
  • Live fire drills
  • Using a sling to maximize accuracy
  • Marksmanship
  • Choosing and buying a particular type of rifle that best fits you and your shooting needs.
  • Choosing the correct ammo
  • The different rifle parts and how they work.

Courses of fire includes stagnant marksmanship live fire and dry fire drills only, and intro to advancing and retreating on targets to better aid the student to effectively learn how to use their chosen firearm platform. All drills are preliminary drills and prerequisites for intermediate Rhino Tactical rifle class.

****Students are required to bring desired rifle and 300 rounds of ammo****. Eye and ear protection is mandatory. Marlin 22 caliber Rifles are available for rent, however students are highly encouraged to bring their own rifle(22, 223, 38/357, 40, 44-40, 45 long colt … Cowboy caliber) (yes, students may bring handgun caliber rifles as already mentioned)

Students bringing their own rifles ,must only bring California approved and legal rifles.

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INTERMEDIATE-RIFLE-2Rhino Tactical Intermediate Tactical Rifle class will progress and expand upon what was learned in the Beginning marksmanship Rifle class, offering a more dynamic approach to practice and cadence of live fire drills. Students applying for class must have already taken the basic Rhino NRA certified Rifle class. In this intermediate Rhino Tactical Rifle class, we will expand on shooting from all the positions on close and far courses of fire. This Rifle course will also include several dynamic intermediate stagnant techniques which include:

  • Standing Barricade shooting
  • Kneeling Barricade shooting
  • Dynamic prone barricade shooting
  • Dynamic shot set up, how to get into position smoothly and efficiently
  • Breathing while under stress
  • Shooting around vehicles
  • Ricocheting shot principle “if thats the only shot available especially around vehicles” as a LAST RESORT.
  • Reloading, Speed and Tactical
  • Steel courses of fire , short range
  • Steel courses of fire, Long range
  • Touching the shot off with a controlled breathe pattern.
  • Moving and shooting basic theories
  • Target acquisition exercises
  • Approaching a doorway, the fatal funnel, shot set up
  • Basic room clearing strategy..Segmenting a room

This course is designed to further enhance the student’s ability with a rifle and (for those wishing to continue training) to prepare the student for the Rhino Tactical Advanced Tactical Rifle course.*** Students are required to bring their own rifle as well as 300 rounds of ammunition**** Knee and elbow pads are also required. Eye and ear protection mandatory.

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ADVANCED-RIFLE-2In this advanced tactical Rifle class we will further expand on what was covered in the Intermediate tactical Rifle class. Students will experience a wide diversity of varied drills and courses of fire.Students are required to have taken the Intermediate tactical rifle class before advancing to this course. Students will also experience a bit of Man on Man, CQB drills to see what happens under stress. This is the bread and butter of Tactical Rifle. Students will receive dynamic training while approaching several theories and physical challenges designed to take their rifle shooting skills to a higher and consistent level. The Rhino Tactical, Advanced Tactical rifle class will include:

  • Moving and shooting
  • Approaching and moving into a barricade
  • Approaching and moving into a doorway
  • The fatal funnel theory expanded
  • Segmenting or Pieing a room
  • Room clearing exercises
  • Negotiating intersections
  • Negotiating hallways
  • Negotiating room corners
  • Window and peepholes theories
  • Steel courses
  • Hostage courses
  • Kill house courses
  • The heart and Complex motor skills while under stress, and what a better way to see this theory while under actual crisis shooting stress.
  • Man on Man exercises
  • Force on force exercises
  • CQB theory
  • Actual live combat using airsoft advanced weaponry designed to enhance judgment and decision making skills while under stress
  • Flight or fight syndrome and when to do each objectively.
  • Brief explanation of degradation of fine and complex motor skills under stress, and how to control this degradation.

Students will experience a wide variety of courses and exercises designed to push their heart rates to a controllable limit. Students will also learn the secrets of controlling themselves while under “fire stress”  and how to practice this at home without any weapon whatsoever. *****Students are required to bring at least 300 rounds of Ammo and at least 3 magazines in the caliber of their rifle choice***** Students are also required to bring eye and ear protection as well as knee and elbow pads. Goggles and a full face mask are also required at this course for the airsoft  portion. As goggles are a personal matter, Rt Tactical cannot provide these as they are of personal preference and hygiene. We will however provide a list of inexpensive and effective face mask and goggle systems available at any Walmart, Kmart, or Big 5 sporting goods stores.

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